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Telemetry as a Service

Fully Managed Motorsport Telemetry

"Racing in Le Mans? Then connect to Orange, SFR & Bouygues. Racing at Daytona? Connect to Verizon, ATT & T-Mobile - we take the guesswork out of it and automatically pick the best network for every point on the circuit"

Based around our secure private network, augmented with Control cloud services, bespoke technologies and an advanced suite of software our solution is more than just a modem in the car, it is a complete Race Winning Telemetry service.

The level of support provided by Control is another key differentiator. It runs deeper than email and telephone assistance to also include pre event configuration advice to ensure you benefit from the best possible telemetry coverage. Our machine learning algorithms are constantly analysing on track performance to compare networks and deduce the optimal configuration and are even able to detect when a bad antenna is installed.

Our real time monitoring platform allows our engineers to view and compare telemetry coverage metrics grouped by location enabling a proactive approach to support.

Our multi-operator connectivity allows our devices to connect to roaming network providers all over the world whilst our advanced multi sim device, the TLM-P1 can be connected to up to three networks at the same time, seamlessly switching between carriers as the vehicle moves round the circuit for optimal and class leading performance.

This capability is unique to Control and is thanks to our close relationships with the mobile networks. The SIMs in a TLM-P1 all share the same data-pool so that you won't get any nasty surprises during the season, just reliable and consistent data throughput.


TLM-Pro Trade In

Trade in your TLM-Pro 3G modem and get money off our class leading LTE devices

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